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DIRECT was created to help you buy your term life insurance Direct .... from almost anywhere in the United States ... you can apply for an instant online term life insurance quote. You can compare and contrast the lowest possible individual term life insurance rates for America's Top 175 Life Insurance Plans.  You will have the opportunity to carefully evaluate the individual and family life insurance plans provided from Prudential Insurance, MetLife Insurance, John Hancock Insurance, North American Insurance, Banner Life Insurance, and Aetna Life, to name only a few of the term life policies available to you.    

You can evaluate America's term life insurance marketplace in the comfort of your own home or business. You can make you own informed decisions for your term life insurance purchase. No stress... No fuss... has amassed a large database of available American health and life insurance companies to provide you information that will help make your insurance purchase easier.  The California Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans provide a broad spectrum of health insurance options.  Pacific Care and Health Net, along with Cal Farm in California, provide high quality service and reasonable rates to make your individual or group health insurance buying decision easier. provides medical insurance quotes, through its affiliate,,  from over 100 different health insurance companies, including California Blue Cross, California Blue Shield, Pacific Care, Health Net, and Cal Farm and many, many, others.  Our online database provides you instant major medical health prices.  We also provide you the life insurance quotes you need for whole life insurance, mortgage insurance, spouse insurance, and children's insurance. provides insurance quotes for all  your life insurance, medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance needs.  Our quotes are aimed to help you obtain the best possible insurance rates for all your insurance needs.  You can count on  for the lowest insurance prices from leading life and health insurance companies.  You can obtain all the information you need to a make your individual or group insurance purchase today.  



       DEDICATED employs a Dedicated staff of professionals to help you get quickly through the application process. We help make the insurance application process quick and painless.  We have dedicated customer care representatives who are available to assist you in applying for insurance by phone or over the internet.  We are dedicated to providing you with the most current and accurate information possible so that you can make your term life insurance, or California medical insurance, purchasing decision with confidence. With modern technology we aim to provide you the information and tools necessary to make this important decision. provides you with a view to evaluate the insurance market .... with a few clicks ... We have over 25 years of experience, we have established a simple system for making your life insurance buying decisions simple and informed. Our California health insurance Instant Quote allows you to shop the market and purchase the best individual or group medical insurance policy for yourself at the very lowest price.  Many of the insurance carriers, including California Blue Cross, California Blue Shield, and Pacific Care, Health Net, and Cal Farm, provide a comprehensive variety of major medical plans at competitive prices. makes your life insurance application a breeze.  Your life insurance and health insurance quotes are only a few clicks away.  You can complete the simple medical insurance application form over the net.  Whether your medical insurance requirements are for your family, or your company and its employees, you can count on obtaining quick life insurance quotes from America's top 175 life insurance companies including Prudential Insurance, MetLife Insurance, North American Insurance, John Hancock Insurance, Banner Life Insurance, and many more.  Through our health insurance affiliate,, we provide medical insurance companies quotes from the leaders in the medical insurance field, including, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Pacific Care, and Cal Farm, to name a few.  You can begin saving on your life and health insurance premiums right away. provides a fast and efficient means of obtaining your dental and vision insurance quotes as well.  Simply complete the online information request form and you will be promptly provided the best life, health, dental, and vision insurance prices available in the American insurance market.


DEPENDABLE is a company you can Depend upon. We will provide you the information you need automatically ... at your convenience. We also provide you with a convenient online application. Nothing could be easier or faster. Your quest for life insurance or major medical individual or group health insurance should go no further than will help provide you rates you can depend upon - from America's Top 175 life insurance plans.  The life insurance companies providing quotes for are the name brand insurance companies you have come to trust with your families' life insurance needs: Prudential Insurance, North American Insurance, Banner Life Insurance, MetLife Insurance, John Hancock Insurance, Aetna Insurance .... And if you need to speak to a dependable agency staff member we are only a free call away .... 1-800-849-0953. The number is toll free ... our dependable staff is here to provide help if you need it ... when you need it ... We will take your call ... Twenty-four hours a day ... 7 days a week ... 365 days a year ... what could be better? is committed to offering you the highest level of service and satisfaction. will show you the difference and provide a detailed comparison and contrast between the insurance companies servicing America's term life insurance market.


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