United Wisconsin Short-Term Questions

Q. Are routine wellness exams covered?
A. No. Preventive care services are not covered under the policy.

Q. What is USBA?
A. United States Benefit Association, located in Washington, D.C., is a not-for-profit organization. You must be a member of USBA to purchase this short-term medical plan. Membership in USBA is $10 per year.

Q. Are there other services the member can receive from the USBA association?
A. Yes. There are other discount programs available. A brochure will be mailed after the USBA membership enrollment is processed.

Q. Are drug benefits an option with the Short-Term Plan?
A. No. Prescription drugs aren't covered. There is a discount drug card available from FFI Health Services. The cost is $3.50 monthly.

Q. Is there a free look provision in this product?
A. No. This plan is intended to serve a short period of time. Some members may need the coverage for only a single month. However, the free look provision is required in some states.

Q. Does pre-existing apply to this product?
A. Yes. There is a pre-x look-back of 3 years. Pre-existing conditions are not covered at all under the short-term plan.

Q. Is there an optional maternity benefit? Are complications of maternity covered?
A. Although an optional maternity benefit is not offered, complications of pregnancy, as defined in the group policy, are covered the same as any other sickness.

Q. Can a person continue this coverage beyond the 6 or 12 months?
A. No. This coverage is nonrenewable.

Q. Is there a provider network that must be utilized?
A. No. There is not a specific network of providers that must be utilized. Customers have the choice to pick their own providers.

Q. Where will claims be submitted for reimbursement? Is a claim form required?
A. The claims should be forwarded to HPA directly by the provider, and this information will be on the members ID cards specific claim form is not required.

Q. Can an applicant cover children only?
 A. Yes. The parent or guardian must sign the application for them. The dependent needs to be at least 2 years of age and under the age of 18.

Q. Are expenses incurred outside the USA covered under the policy?
A. No. The plan was designed to provide benefits for services rendered in the USA only.

Q. What is the maximum number of months a customer can carry this coverage?
A. 6 or 12 months, depending on the state in which the member resides. Refer to the brochure and the premium/state chart.

Q. Can non-citizens of the USA apply for this product?
A. Yes. If a person has a green card or a student visa and can provide proof, he or she would be eligible to apply for coverage..

Q. Can the coverage effective date be back-dated?
A. No.

Q. Does an insured need to call to pre-certify a hospital or surgical procedure?
A. Yes. Call (800) 367-9938.The 10 card will have this number. Call 1 a days prior to non-emergency or within 48 hours for emergency hospital confinement. Failure to pre-cert may reduce benefits by 50%.

Q. Who receives the call if an insured has a claims question?
A. HPA. (800) 397 -5800

Q. What are the underwriting requirements?
A. Underwriting requirements are quite simple. If the applicant completes the medical history questions on the application and answers them all as "NO;' he or she is eligible for coverage.

Q. Where can 1 obtain short-term medical product information?
A. You can contact your regional sales office for a brochure and application.

Q. How is the plan rated?
A. The rate is based on age, gender, and geographical location.

Q. Can the effective date be varied?
A. The effective date is the day after the U.S. postmark, or customers can request a later effective date, not to exceed 60 days from signature date on the application. The applicant needs to immediately notify us if any changes in any of the application information occur prior to the underwriting decision on coverage.

Q. How long does underwriting take?
A. The average turnaround time for processing an application is 5 working days.