Medical Insurance Basic Information

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an agreement by a health insurance company to pay specified medical expenses when someone becomes sick or injured or otherwise needs medical care. The agreement is a contract between the insured person and the health insurance company that provides the health insurance. 

If the insured requires medical care while the health insurance policy is in force, then the health insurance company provides payment for the health benefits according to the terms of the health insurance policy.

When a health insurance policy is considered, it is important to plan for more than simply getting sick or injured.  A good health insurance plan also covers a variety of other medical expenses, including maternity, chiropractic care, outpatient emergency care, and well baby care.  

When children are involved it is also important to plan for their routine medical child care visits and inoculations.  


Is health insurance necessary?

Health insurance is necessary for peace of mind. It provides the guarantees that your families medical care will be taken care when the need arises.  Health insurance lets those who depend upon you know that even if an unforeseen medical emergency arises, you have taken care to provide medical insurance to take care of your family.  Since health insurance premiums and plans are so easy to adjust for your families budget it is now a simple matter to protect your families most important asset.... Health.


Individual health insurance vs. employer's group health insurance.

Current competition among health insurance companies has dramatically reduced the difference in cost and benefits between individual and group insurance benefits and premiums.  As such you should carefully evaluate your options when selecting the best health insurance plan for your needs.

Evaluate the costs and benefits available when deciding the type of plan to purchase.

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