Legal and Licensing Information

Licensing Information

This web site is brought to you by Marsha Ellen Andrews.  Marsha Andrews is a licensed agent/broker in each respective state in which she does business and which requires life and health insurance transactions to be conducted through a licensed agent/broker.  Her principal place of business is as follows:


Marsha Ellen Andrews

Licensed Agent/Broker

8190 E. Kaiser Blvd  Suite #100

Anaheim, CA 92808

Phone: (800) 849-0953

Fax: (877) 889-2125

Alaska N/A
Alabama N/A
Arizona 95478
Arkansas 143191
California* 0497542
Colorado NP100112955
Connecticut 001046490
Delaware** 69718
District of Columbia AI1011326
Florida D043367
Georgia AGN574615
Hawaii N/A
Idaho N/A
Illinois 572-907952
Indiana 389580
Iowa IA0000000223162
Kansas 572907952-999
Kentucky** Life 319360
Health 319361
Louisiana 266632
Maine PRN74046
Maryland NAI139664
Massachusetts  **  1574815
Michigan** 0228222
Minnesota IN-20226295
Mississippi** 00044192001001#3601
Missouri(**)* 572-907952
Montana** 900961
Nebraska AG259696
Nevada** 7436
New Hampshire 336041
New Jersey IP-8059202
New Mexico 712609
New York LA-920905
North Carolina** 572907952
North Dakota 572907952
Ohio 553574
Oklahoma 938163
Oregon** 159604
Pennsylvania** 207771
Rhode Island 572907952
South Carolina 572907052
South Dakota NR572907952
Tennessee 0000830168
Texas 0010755323
Utah** 12663
Vermont** 89951
Virginia 572907952
Washington** ANDREME501MJ
West Virginia** 000118522
Wisconsin** 02386730
Wyoming** 572907952

*Marsha Ellen Andrews does business as Insurance Services in the State of California.

**Marsha Andrews does not provide sales or service to residents of any state for companies with which she is not appointed as required by the applicable state.

***Business is transacted in the State of Missouri as "Marsha Andrews" and the names Insurance Services and Marsha Andrews Insurance Services are not used in the State of Missouri.

Marsha Ellen Andrews is not a licensed agent/broker for every company in every state. Accordingly, Marsha Andrews cannot advise you, or assist you, should you decide to pursue coverage with a company in a state for which she does not yet have a license or with an insurance company for which she is not yet properly appointed.  

Marsha Andrews is providing rate and insurance policy information as a free public service.

For additional licensing information call toll free (800) 849-0953

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Disclaimer Information

The web site provided by Marsha Andrews is a web site where anyone can review and evaluate information provided regarding various insurance companies and insurance choices. The information  in this site is for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free.  The information presented on this site could include typographical or other technical errors. Therefore, Marsha Andrews will not accept liability for any use of the information provided in this site. As a result Marsha Andrews shall NOT be liable for any damages or losses which are claimed to result from the use of this site or which are claimed to arise in connection with any alleged error or omission existing or arising from the use of this site or any of the information presented on this site, even if Marsha Andrews is advised of the possibility of such damages, losses, or expenses. Any links to other sites are presented as a courtesy and do not constitute an endorsement by or between the respective sites or companies.

Non-Cancellation Warning &  Information

Do NOT under any circumstances cancel any existing insurance coverages based upon any understanding you may have regarding insurance coverage until you have received written confirmation from the insurance company to whom you have applied for insurance that the policy for which you are applying is in full force and effect.






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